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Benefits of Soft Water

Benefits of Soft Water

A large percentage of the water supply in Ireland is hard water, so dealing with limescale is an issue in many Irish homes.

The benefits of soft water are that it feels soft to the touch and doesn’t damage domestic appliances such as washing machines and showers as much as hard water, due to low mineral composition, thereby extending the life of your plumbing and appliance. Soft water is much better for your hair and skin, leading to a reduction in skin conditions.

Additional soft water benefits include better washing (due to water rinsing away without leaving behind a residue – hard water leaves behind minerals), a reduction in time washing and cleaning, with improved efficiency of cleaning products. Soft water is also far less corrosive than hard water.

Reduction in limescale

Limescale is the residue left behind by hard water. You may have noticed it on your kitchen surfaces, taps and shower. It also causes scaling in your kettle, dishwasher and washing machine, as well as inside your pipes and boiler. Softened water eliminates limescale and gets rid of years worth of built-up limescale, which will reduce cleaning time around the home. You will also save money on appliances and your boiler as they will work more efficiently and last longer.

Improve Skin Conditions and Hair

Did you know that the residue from hard water stays on your skin and clogs your pores? This is a factor in many skin conditions including eczema, psoriasis and very dry skin. The scum can also serve as a home for bacteria, leading to nappy rash and itchiness. The mineral build-up in hard water can cause your hair cuticles to stand up, making your hair feel rough and dry.

Save Money

Cheaper bills, longer last appliances and the need for fewer products.

Having softened water can save you money as your appliances last longer and are less likely to break, as limescale won’t be blocking your boiler and pipes. They will run more efficiently which results in a cost-saving on your heating bills, as well we less washing powder, cleaning products, shampoo and soap.