Harvey Minimax Water Softener

Minimax M3 Water Softener

The Minimax M3 Water Softener is the latest generation in water softening design. Its advanced twin cylinder technology is extremely efficient and means you will have softened water 24 hour a day, 7 days a week. It conveniently runs on block salt, which is easier to handle, store and load compared to tablet salt. It’s compact and fits under your kitchen sink.

  • Fits easily in kitchen cupboard
  • Suitable for 3 bathrooms
  • Twin tank design guarantees 24/7 soft water
  • Low salt consumption
  • Made from recycled plastic
  • 10 years guarantee

The Minimax range is manufactured by Harvey Water Softeners, the number one manufacturer in Europe for the domestic market.

As Ireland’s only Harvey Water Softeners distributor, All Ireland Water Vision is expertly placed to give you the best advice for your home water softener needs.

NOTE: This Price for Water Softener does not include installation, for Installation please contact All Ireland Water Vision for a quote on 083 051 7997.


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Benefits of Soft Water

Experience the benefits of softened water for you, your home and your family

What causes hard water?

When it rains, the water falling from the clouds is completely soft, it is not until the rain hits the ground that it begins to absorb minerals found within the earth.

Cold water areas

Granite areas are so hard that water cannot permeate through it, so rain water will simply run-off the surface.

Naturally soft vs softened water

If you’ve been on holiday to Killarney, you’ve probably experienced the beauty of naturally soft water – your skin might have felt softer, you might have found you were using too much soap in the shower and noticed that the bathroom and kitchen where you were staying stayed cleaner, shinier and brighter. Softened water, by name association, is very similar, except ion-exchanged softened water is much softer than naturally soft water.

This means that your skin will feel much softer, your hair will be silkier and you will use as much as 50% less soaps and detergents than you would use in a naturally soft water area, which is of course less than you would use anyway in a typical hard water area. A premium quality water softener will typically pay for itself within 3-6 years, and could last in excess of 20 years.

Improve Skin Conditions and Hair

Did you know that the residue from hard water stays on your skin and clogs your pores? This is a factor in many skin conditions including eczema, psoriasis and very dry skin. The scum can also serve as a home for bacteria, leading to nappy rash and itchiness. The mineral build-up in hard water can cause your hair cuticles to stand up, making your hair feel rough and dry.

  • Spend less time cleaning and less money on cleaning products!
  • Longer lasting appliances and happy pipework!
  • Sparking surfaces, glassware and crockery!

    Reduction in limescale

    Limescale is the residue left behind by hard water. You may have noticed it on your kitchen surfaces, taps and shower. It also causes scaling in your kettle, dishwasher and washing machine, as well as inside your pipes and boiler. Softened water eliminates limescale and gets rid of years worth of built up scale, which will reduce cleaning time around the home. You will also save money on appliances and your boiler as they will work more efficiently and last longer.

    Save money with cheaper bills, longer last appliances and the need for fewer products

    Having softened water can save you money as your appliances last longer and are less likely to break, as limescale won’t be blocking your boiler and pipes. They will run more efficiently which results in a cost saving on your heating bills, as well we less washing powder, cleaning products, shampoo and soap.

    Europe’s No. 1 Water Softening Technology

    The Minimax range is manufactured by Harvey Water Softeners, the number one manufacturer in England and Europe for the domestic market.

    Why Minimax?

    With over 37 years experience, the family run business sells water softeners in Ireland through a network of professional, independent and carefully selected local water treatment businesses. Your Minimax dealer is expertly placed to give you the best advice for your home and needs.

    Manufacturing Products that Work in Every Irish Home

    All Minimax water softener systems are designed and hand-built in Woking, Surrey by a dedicated team of individuals. If you would like to arrange a tour of the factory and meet our team, contact us and we will invite you in.

    The Minimax range is expertly designed to be suitable for every type of home, plumbing system and even high flow mega

    The Best Performance and 10 year Guarantee

    When choosing your Minimax, you are choosing a future-proof water softener that is designed to meet the demands of busy lifestyles and homes today. With a 10 year guarantee, the softener is built to last and you can even take it with you when you move home.

    The Minimax Water Softener company was instrumental in writing the British Standard BS EN 14743 to raise the standards of water softening in the United Kingdom and today build all of our softeners to meet the rigorous demands of this high specification. All of our softeners, plus installation kits and components are fully compliant with WRAS regulatory standards.

    flow cylinders and multiple power showers.


Harvey MiniMax M3 Twin-cylinder non-electric block salt water softener. Complete with a 10-year warranty and free shipping! The later 4th generation Harvey softener. It boasts better efficiency, more refinement, a higher flow rate and a sleeker design than previous models.

These models are suitable for hardness areas between 50 and 600 PPM and will cater for 1-6 person households with ANY type of plumbing system including 15mm or 22mm incoming mains.

Here is the full water softener specification;

  • height: 490 mm
  • depth: 460 mm
  • width: 206 mm
  • inlet: 3/4″ bsp male
  • outlet: 3/4″ bsp male
  • overflow: 1/2″ hose connector
  • drain: 3/8″ outside diameter tubing
  • maximum operating water pressure: 6 bar
  • minimum operating water pressure: 1 bar (with water flowing)
  • maximum operating water temperature: 20°C
  • minimum operating water temperature: protect from freezing
  • salt storage: 2 x 4 kg blocks
  • maximum flow: 55 l/min
  • minimum flow : < 3 l/hour

Once purchased you will need to get your plumber to install it or if you are a confident DIYer then we can offer advice. We can also offer installation if you are local to us, just contact us for a quote.

The softener does NOT include a fitting kit, though we do sell these separately. The softener does not include any salt so you will need to buy some immediately.