Ultra violet Water Filter System 8Lpm

225.00 incl VAT

UV Water filters will remove bacteria like E.coli & coliforms.Contact us today for a free Quote.

This 8 litre per minute water filter system is suitable for;

  • well water
  • water supplied from a borehole or a spring/stream
  • harvested rainwater
  • improving the quality of your mains supply
  • looking to remove contamination such as bacteria and/or viruses from your water supply
  • if your water is not of the best quality or you want to protect vulnerable household members such as old, young or infirm

UV disinfection is a proven, reliable and cost-effective way of disinfecting water. It is more effective than traditional treatments and it is also an environmentally responsible way of treating your water as there are no disinfection by-products. UV is chemical-free and safe.

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UV systems can destroy 99.9% of harmful micro-organisms. Ultraviolet (UV) is a type of energy found in the electromagnetic spectrum between x-rays and visible light; the UV energy attacks the core of the micro-organism destroying the DNA (or RNA in the case of viruses) rendering the micro-organism inactive.

Our UV systems consist of a medical-grade, nano polished stainless steel chamber which houses a UV lamp (the light bit that is sometimes referred to as a bulb) and a highly polished quartz sleeve. Water flows in the chamber allowing the UV light to penetrate the water, sterilising the micro-organisms.