Water Filter Housing Big Blue

29.99 incl VAT

10″ Filter Housing


This 10″ water filter housing can be used to house any 10″ water filter cartridge for water filtering purposes, generally for under sink water filtering.
Dimensions: Approx. 10″ x 4.5″
Bowl Colour: Blue Bowl

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MWG 8 bar Water Filter Kit


Looking for a high-quality water filter system? This water filter kit from our trusted RS PRO range allows you to have fresh filtered water supplied directly from your tap.
The kit comes with all the fittings so you can rest assured you’ll have all you need to easily install the filter under your kitchen sink. The filter’s cartridge contains water treatment material to ensure that the water passing through it will be free from most sediments, chemicals and contaminants. It has a long life, so you’ll only need to replace it every four to six months, depending on your consumption.
This product has a lifetime guarantee on the housing. It also includes a six-month cartridge reminder system that will contact you twice a year with a reminder to replace your filter cartridge. Using water filters is a good way to keep your water supply as clean and sediment-free as possible for safer home drinking.


Features and Benefits


• Maximum working pressure of 8 bar
• Housing comes with a lifetime guarantee
• Six monthly cartridge reminder system