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Well Water Grant Application Special Offer

Domestic Well Water Grants of up to €1,000 are available. Full water test with a registered labaratory. Completion of all grant application paperwork. €50 refund if works are completed by All Ireland Water Vision.

Water Softeners

Harvey Minimax M3 Water Softener

The M3 Minimax water softener is the latest generation of Harvey softeners to use standard 4kg blocks of salt. Its advanced twin-cylinder technology is extremely efficient and means you will have softened water 24 hours a day.

It runs on block salt which is easier to handle, store and load compared to tablet salt. It’s compact and fits under your kitchen sink. Unlike other softeners, the M3 Minimax does not require electricity.

  • Fits easily in the kitchen cupboard
  • Suitable for 3 bathrooms
  • Twin tank design guarantees 24/7 soft water
  • Low salt consumption
  • Made from recycled plastic
  • 10 years guarantee

The Minimax range is manufactured by Harvey Water Softeners, the number one manufacturer in Europe for the domestic market.

As Ireland’s only Harvey Water Softeners distributor, All Ireland Water Vision is expertly placed to give you the best advice for your home water softener needs.

NOTE: our water softener pricing does not include installation so please contact All Ireland Water Vision for a quote at 083 051 7997 if you require installation.

Do I need a water softener in Ireland?

  • Are you regularly descaling your kettle?
  • Is your shower head getting clogged?
  • Replacing domestic appliances too often?

A large percentage of the water supply in Ireland is hard water, so dealing with limescale is an issue in many Irish homes.

Experience the benefits of softened water for you, your home and your family.

The Best Performance and 10 year Guarantee

When choosing a water softener from All Ireland Water Vision, you are choosing a future-proof water softener that is designed to meet the demands of busy lifestyles and homes today. With a 10 year guarantee, the softener is built to last and you can even take it with you when you move home.

The Minimax range is expertly designed to be suitable for every type of home, plumbing system and even high flow megaflow cylinders and multiple power showers.

water softener from All Ireland Water Vision